NEEDLE by Jerry Allen Potter


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Implausible, shrill psycho-melodrama--starting when young Texas artist Andy Zachary is seduced by a lascivious mystery-woman, then trapped in kinky sex-games with the woman and her old lecher-comrade. . . whom Andy kills in self-defense. Worse yet, when Andy wakes up in the hospital (he himself was shot in the scuffle), he learns that the man he killed was churchly millionaire/philanthropist Shug Williams. . . and that the sexy mystery-woman is Williams' virginal daughter Hilary, a Sunday School teacher! Hilary convincingly denies all of Andy's allegations; he's charged with murdering Williams--and with three other thrill-killings, which were really done by the old man and his sex-zombie moll. So it's up to Andy's rugged brother Zack to somehow save Andy from the death-penalty and the slimy D.A.--who's hoping to win the governorship with a law-and-order crusade. How will Zack do it? By proving that Hilary is a multiple personality. He has sex with her (in one of her other identities); he digs up the trauma of her early life--and eventually breaks her down. . . while falling in love with the Sunday-School-teacher side of this three-faced woman. Super-crude but fairly energetic--with bad-imitation-Sybil psychology, tirades against religion (cf. Potter's foul Silence in Eden), and lots of dialogue along the lines of ""We're all goddamn sick, Andy. The fuckin' world's not worth saving.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1984
Publisher: Texas Monthly