BASKETBALL MY WAY by Jerry & Bill Libby West


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They call Jerry West Mr. Clutch, a sobriquet he liked well enough to use as the title of his recent autobiography (also with Libby) and anyone who has closely watched his driving game has to admit that point-for-pound he's one of the very best basketballers dribbling around today -- even if some of the shine and one-on-one dash has succumbed to age. And don't be surprised if one of these days they start calling him Mr. Coach. Hence West's practical instruction guide -- shooting, ball-handling, rebounding, play-making -- carries more weight than the usual how-to item, though the tips will hardly be unfamiliar to hardened addicts of the genre: ""Master as many shots and as great a range and as much quickness as you can. Keep working"" are typical. With easy, unpretentious discussions of the playing techniques of other outstanding pros like our own Earl the Pearl and that big bad Wilt the Stilt, this reasonable and unpreachy Basketball My Way can help any young aspirant on his way. And the action photos are whoop-de-do.

Pub Date: Jan. 29th, 1972
Publisher: Prentice-Hall