THE BIG BEAST BOOK: Dinosaurs and How They Got That Way by Jerry Booth
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THE BIG BEAST BOOK: Dinosaurs and How They Got That Way

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A mind-stretching look at dinosaurs, including experiments, puzzles, projects, and activities to develop and enhance readers' understanding of geologic time, fossils, and paleontology. Fresh, lively writing and clever, humorous line drawings clarify complex concepts and make this a fascinating browsing book for general readers as well as dinosaur fans. Analogies here are inspired: rock strata and such related concepts as overthrust, uplifting, faulting, and erosion, for example, become clear as demonstrated with a four layer gelatin mold; geologic time is easier to understand if you have walked off a million years in terms of yards on a football field. Using scientific clues, the reader decides which of six pictured beasts is really a dinosaur. There is an excellent explanation of why scientists have recently suggested that dinosaurs may have been warmblooded. No index, but the contents notes are informative. Includes a lists of museums and dinosaur parks in the US, plus definitions of tongue-tangling dinosaur names created from descriptive Latin and Greek prefixes and suffixes--with suggestions for using them to invent new dinosaurs or friends' nicknames. An excellent example of science writing that informs, involves, and delights.

Pub Date: Dec. 3rd, 1988
Page count: 128pp
Publisher: Little, Brown