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Bumpus (Anaconda, Things In Place) presents a difficulty: he can write crafty, small-scale Stories well enough in a straightforward way, but he seems to prefer to reach out into the inchoate for tales that are ""only mounds of shadow,"" attempts at oblique metaphor that usually seem obscure and unfinished rather than mysterious. And so most of the pieces here are gnomic tangles--like ""The Fudgers,"" which is all but incomprehensible on first reading and uninviting of a second. One plainer story--""With the Mory Bot""--is an indication of how suggestive and clear Bumpus can be when he chooses; and a more eerie one, ""A Very Modern House""--about a real-estate woman entering the House of Death--is strongly imaginative as well (until it's finally undone by garble). But most of this book registers as a writer's interior cat-and-mouse games: alone, in magazines, each story might leave an odd, not unpleasant taste; collected, they're maddening.

Pub Date: May 15th, 1981
Publisher: Carpenter Press (Route 4, Pomeroy, OH 45769)