FARM FEVER: Finding and Buying Country Land by Jerry & Dan Kibble Baker

FARM FEVER: Finding and Buying Country Land

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After reading all you'll need to know to decide what you can raise where, how much land you'll need (""A five-acre truck farm takes about three men, working full time"") and how to select it (the effect of latitude, elevation, prevailing winds, and water; the overriding importance of good soil), what to look for in a farmhouse and outbuildings, how to choose stock and equipment (no more than will pay its way), where to shop for credit, how to save on taxes. . . well, you may decide--as the authors recognize--that farming is not for you. And the book will have saved you from becoming one of the four out of five new recruits who wash out. Whereas if you're still game, you'll find abundant sources of further information. Baker and Kibble gloss over some of the agribusiness realities but out in the field they're on firm ground.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1977
Publisher: Crowell