MONEYLOVE by Jerry Gillies


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If you thought that all your various consciousnesses had already been raised, guess again. Prosperity consciousness is yet to come, or so the author contends. Never fear, however, for it enlists all-too-familiar skills--for example, since your attitudes about money have been influenced unduly by past experiences (""How Did Your Parents Feel About Banks?""), the trick is to reprogram yourself along more positive lines. You must love the work you do (""Worklove""), and you must envelop humanity with that overriding, joyous kind of love, and untold riches will inevitably follow (""I Love What I Do, and That Love Brings Me All the Money I Want,"" one of the ""Prosperity Proclamations"" intones). Aspirants must allow time for relaxation and meditation (""laziness is truly the mother of creativity""), and above all they must think and act rich (going into debt only makes you more prosperity-conscious). Lest this appear too vague and abstract, there is advice about setting up an intricate system of seven different bank accounts (the Pleasure Account to be emptied every three months) and about investing in real estate and stocks. Not for love nor money.

Pub Date: Sept. 22nd, 1978
Publisher: Evans