SPECIAL DELIVERY by Jerry Kennealy


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Reluctantly accepting a commission from his old friend Raymond Singh to deliver a letter with a hefty check and a Hindi audiotape to Ray's cousin Gurbeep in London, Nick Polo finds Gurbeep tough to pin down. And just when determined Nick finally succeeds in passing the letter, Gurbeep sends him off with his equally shy partner Marta Hurt to a kinky sex club--and Nick, after a quixotic attempt to save a young woman from white slavery, ends up under suspicion of murder. So far, so good--though Nick's release, his puzzled return to San Francisco, and his attempt to break up Gurbeep's ring of immigrant smugglers and slavers don't leave much mystery or suspense for the story's Travis McGeeish second half. Middling for this pleasantly midlevel series: not as funny or well-plotted as the last two entries, Polo's Wild Card or Green with Envy, but sharper than Polo in the Rough.

Pub Date: Dec. 8th, 1992
Page count: 224pp
Publisher: St. Martin's