MO-PED: The Wonder Vehicle by Jerry Murray

MO-PED: The Wonder Vehicle

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Little more than a window shopping guide to the best known brands of mo-peds--those pint-sized two-wheeled vehicles with bicycle pedals and a 49 cc engine which are ubiquitous overseas. Model by model, Murray gives fairly sophisticated maintenance advice but there's an easier review in the final chapters. Actually, the mo-ped is so simple that there's little else to say, though the approach here is casual even when more precise operating directions might be desirable--""Use the rear brake first and moments (?) later come on with the front brake."" The mo-ped's 150-plus gas mileage convinces us that it is the wave of the future; however, a $6.95 bandwagon may be more freight than such a little engine can haul.

Pub Date: Dec. 17th, 1976
Publisher: Putnam