SUDDENLY RICH by Jerry & Rena LeBlanc


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In this tepid effort to cash in on the subject of sudden wealth, two journalists apply their who, what, and whens to a bevy of ""windfall heroes"" of the dailyrag variety. From uranium seekers to rich-spouse prospectors, most are nice, hard-working middle-class people (the who) forced to adapt to new lifestyles and values (the what) very rapidly the when). As you might expect, some don't adapt very well--they become lonely, bored, or even paranoid--and a few squander their newfound fortunes. The 20 or so illustrative accounts are ""just the facts, ma'am,"" rather than in-depth personality profiles, and they are spliced together with superficial sociological expletives. We learn that mass lotteries are selling dreams. Money can't buy happiness. And the nouveau riche are forever capping their teeth. By now it should be obvious that the wheres and whys are wanting. Like any succession of whatever-happened-to-Cinderella stories, the book has a certain voyeuristic value. You can always console yourself that you'd sock away the golden slipper.

Pub Date: June 27th, 1978
Publisher: Prentice-Hall