THE MIRACLE WORKERS: America's Psychic Consultants by Jess Stearn

THE MIRACLE WORKERS: America's Psychic Consultants

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You can psychometrize this one without even touching it -- Mr. Steam covers a number of practicing consultants who remove the shadows cast by coming events whether it's illness or death, marriage or adultery, financial reward or reincarnation. Roughly, more than half of the material deals with the good offices of Bill Corrado and Doug Johnson, a healer, out of L.A. -- both helped him cure a godson of an until then undiagnosable ailment. A few familiars reappear (Kathryn Kuhlman, Ford and Pike) along with Anne Gehman who solves crimes in Florida and Akashan who handicaps the horses and then there are all those lesser beneficences -- Floratila tea for dizziness or the foreknowledge that baldness will be a thing of the past by 1976. If you're still around -- California may not be. . . . You don't need a reading to know that this will be read.

Pub Date: June 23rd, 1972
Publisher: Doubleday