A MATTER OF IMMORTALITY: Dramatic Evidence of Survival by Jess Stearn

A MATTER OF IMMORTALITY: Dramatic Evidence of Survival

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The dramatic evidence comes from sessions with medium Maria Moreno, a Mexican lady who has a propensity for associating with the departed spouses and companions of Hollywood celebrities. She does this not directly, but in a trance state, via a group of spirits who function like radio channels to the other side: Pepe the Hunchback (a specialist in financial matters, like changing unfavorable wills), and Doctor Jallikete, who gave Mae West a diet to cure her of some gastrointestinal pains. During the course of the case histories, we learn such fascinating tidbits as that Marilyn Monroe did nothing questionable with either of the Kennedys, and that Valentino really died of slow Poisoning, the deed of a jealous neighbor. The truly fascinating question, of course, remains unanswered, but--assuming the author's veracity--there is enough evidence here about the medium's transmission of private or even unknown (but independently verifiable) information to shake up the comPosure of the most stubborn skeptic.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1976
Publisher: Atheneum