AN ORDINARY LUNACY by Jessica Anderson


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An ordinary lunacy, or ""absurd fallacy"" is just what Daisy Byfield, the mother of an unmarried barrister, thinks of romantic love. Her opinions are neither changed nor withheld when she witnesses her son David's infatuation with Isobel Purdy, a lovely lost lady whose husband had committed suicide (or had he been murdered by Isobel?). David takes her on as a client, clears her forthwith, but, although he understands her not at all, he is besotted by her beauty and ready to overlook the facts which would indicate that she is not only a slattern but a slut. The hopelessness of the situation, both his and hers, becomes apparent only after it is too late... A first novel, this is worldly in its Sydney, Australia, montage and manner which suggests here, implicates there. It is for a feminine audience but you may have to call it to their attention.

Publisher: Scribners