MS. KLONDIKE by Jessica Ross


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Or, the trials faced by Ms. Pamela Klondike when she gets a job as a taxi driver. Fellow cabbie Pete Hoover (why do the men go by first names when Pamela is called Ms. Klondike throughout?) says it's a man's job, and he's all the more convinced (who can blame him?) when Ms. Klondike reveals that she's never heard of Flatbush Avenue. Worse, garage man Big Art laughs when she brings in her flat tire. But just as she's ready to pack it in, Ms. K. sees some robbers holding up Pete Hoover, and her smashing rescue maneuver wins his admiration. Ross' spiffy line drawings, with generous spots of bright yellow, give a helpful light-hearted air to a story that isn't much without the topical issue.

Pub Date: Oct. 24th, 1977
Publisher: Viking