WHITE MOTHER by Jessie Bennett Sams


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Mingie and Veanie, colored twins in Florida, were 8 years old when Miss Rossie from white town befriended them. Living with their dying Papa in indescribable filth and poverty they were reduced to scavengers in an effort to find food...until one day Mingie found Mrs. Rossie Lee, a ""sensitive Southerner"", who gave them work, clothes, food and brought a doctor for the father. More important, she instilled in them love and goals which later saw them both through college and into the professional world. She became, in effect, a mother to them and when she was mortally ill, she asked for them. The author, Veanie, recalls with devotion the events over the years...school, Mingie's unsuccessful marriage and subsequent return to school, illnesses, and changing attitudes towards white people. This is the human interest department, simple and true. For the ladies.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill