NIGHTMARE NATION by Jessie Conners


Redefining the Pursuit of the American Dream
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A former Apprentice contender shares her secrets to success.

Getting fired by Donald Trump certainly wasn’t the worst thing that ever happened to Conners, but it did spur her to re-evaluate her life’s direction based on her experiences. Most detrimental of those might have been her family’s sudden move, when she was 11, from their comfortable suburban home outside St. Paul, Minn., to a trailer with no electricity or running water in the woods of Wisconsin. But, as with her dismissal by “the Donald,” Conners learned important lessons from that experience, which she credits with enabling her to understand the costs of things and what can be achieved through hard work and perseverance. She claims that perspective is what has given her the drive and focus to build substantial personal wealth by the age of 24. Drawing upon the story of her family’s debt crisis, she opens the book with a wake-up call to America about the dangers of our out-of-control consumer culture. With frightening statistics, she reveals the debt crisis more and more Americans face, and that which our nation faces as a whole. In such uncertain times, Conners urges readers to curb unnecessary spending and to develop supplemental income. She argues that becoming a successful investor is possible for anyone who works hard and stays focused on his or her goals. Conners briefly outlines some methods, mostly related to real estate, that she has used to build her wealth, and she recommends that readers not only spend less–or at least spend wisely–but save more as well. Though her advice is nothing revolutionary, it’s still much-needed medicine. Her personable writing style and compelling life story not only convince the reader of the need for change but also make it seem possible.

Less a guide to investment and more a memoir of a possible mogul in the making.

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