SUDINA by Jessie Rosenberg


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A strauge, strained piece about a thirteen-year-old who is convinced that she has something inside of her that kills people. We're never quite sure if she is suffering from the trauma of her mother's death?...her uncle? In fact the reader is never certain about just what is going on as we go through Sudina's analysis and flash back in time to recent years, vivid memories... her magnificent granamother, also named Sudina, and their close relationship....her friends ""Mister"" and his wife Lulu, benevolent black Southern folk, stereotypes who worked for her grandmother. The night her uncle died and the thing put in its appearance? It's all very bewildering...a puzzle (purposefully?) hidden in the pages? A put-on? hmmmmm...Shrug.

Pub Date: Aug. 4th, 1967
Publisher: Dutton