COURT IN SESSION by Jethro Koller Lieberman


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The title is misleading: the important drama occurs not in the courtroom, but before, between and after sessions, when the law is formulated, cases prepared, appeals taken, etc. Mr. Lieberman covers two cases in full as orientation to legal practice and procedures; in these, he shows the application of the Bill of Rights and recent amplifications at each appropriate step. The expected follows: the branches of the common law and cases under each; the jury system; the court system; the Supreme Court. Within and beyond these sections are less expected topics, including pitfalls and possible alternatives to the jury system, and implications of the differences between state and federal courts. Expecially pertinent is the chapter on court problems, which uncovers current controversies in criminal law, some having broad social ramifications (efficacy of prison confinement, fairness of the bail system, freedom of the press vs. trial by publicity). If the reader is still with it, he will be advised on how to become a lawyer and how to find his way around afterward. No forensic flourishes, but a concise comprehensive pre- prelaw course for prospective plaintiffs, jurors and advocates.

Pub Date: Oct. 10th, 1966
Publisher: Sterling