SLAVA BOHU: The Story of the Dukhobors by J.F.C. Wright

SLAVA BOHU: The Story of the Dukhobors

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This history of the spirit wrestlers reads almost like a novel. They broke with the Russian Orthodox Church in the late 18th century, and survived a century of persecution, when they repeatedly refused to take up arms. Tolstoi and Quakers throughout the world helped them survive, and eventually they emigrated to Canada. There they were received with interest and sympathy, which changed to distaste when they carried their Christianity to extremes. In Canada they broke with their tenets on leadership, and had Peter Verigin as their first leader, and afterwards, for a brief time, his dissolute son, who was killed in a train wreck within the last decade. Unusual material -- but remote from general interest.

Pub Date: Nov. 8th, 1940
Publisher: Farrar & Rinehart