TRANQUILITY WITHOUT PILLS: All About Transcendental Meditation by Jhan & David Fisher Robbins

TRANQUILITY WITHOUT PILLS: All About Transcendental Meditation

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Transcendental Meditation (TM) first gained notoriety in 1967 when the then together-untogether Beatles chanced upon the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in London and quicker than you can say Bhagavad Gita other with-its -- Mia, Mick and the Stones, the Jefferson Airplane, the Beach Boys -- were on the guruwagon. Soon, however, the unwith-its were putting it down as a fad or a farce or a fraud (the Beatles later helped, declaring the Maharishi more concerned with coin than contemplation) but authors Robbins and Fisher say, no, TM's still doing fine, it's the real thing, a viable alternative to drugs and drink and smokes and snacks and those other crutches (they provide empirical evidence out of Stanford, Harvard, UCLA, Univ. of Cincinnati) -- and recently, get this, TV's sourpuss FBI man Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. revealed he's been meditating ""with wonderful results"" while the squeaky-voiced Maharishi keeps repeating very fast ""I have nothing. I am a monk. I deal in wisdom and not in money."" OK, sold or not, you can learn from this handbook where TM's at, where it's been, what it does or might do, how it works -- ""It works in spite of an individual's disbelief or skepticism"" and it's as easy as ""learning to brush your teeth"" but because ""TM is a process that affects the physiology of the body and involves total use of the nervous system, it should not be used without proper instruction"" which can be secured for $75. (students $35.) at your nearest TM center (the authors tell you where to get a list). And because of that skepticism they also include many testimonials (Mr. F. L.; his wife Mrs. A. R. L.; his daughter B. M. L.; Mrs. M. J. a hausfrau; T. L. J. an ex-addict who found in TM the ""miracle nondrug""; Dr. B. D. H.) and the diary of an uptight lawyer who at first thought TM was ""some kind of phony Eastern cult"" but ""before I realized it, I was meditating. It was incredible."" A glossary for the uninitiated, fetid incense for the nonbeliever, and cosmic consciousness for $75.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1972
Publisher: Peter H. Wyden