SPOOKY POEMS by Jill--Ed. Bennett


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Beginning with Palmer Brown's ""The Spangled Pandemonium/Is missing from the zoo./He bent the bars the barest bit,/And slithered glibly through"" to Farjeon's ""The Witch! the Witch! don't let her get you!"" these 24 poems--mostly reprints, but not by any means all familiar--emphasize the comic side of the imaginative world where monsters like the ""slitheree-dee"" and the ""ugstabuggle"" and other scary beings lurk. In her deftly sketched, full-color illustrations, Rees neatly combines the scary and the funny. Appropriately, the lighthearted spirit predominates; but, for monster fanciers, there's an amusing variety to her creatures, despite the pop eyes, craggy surfaces, and sharp teeth they all seem to have. A good choice for Halloween or any time.

Pub Date: Oct. 2nd, 1989
Page count: 32pp
Publisher: Joy Street/Little, Brown