CAST OF THOUSANDS by Jill Schary Zimmer


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Dore Schary's daughter Jill had a silver screen childhood with an all star cast: Mommy, a mass of paradoxes, prejudices and extremes; Daddy, a pushover for all problems (minorities, handicaps); Grandma with her ""strange way of talking called Yiddish"". The artful prattle conceals little-- there are celebrity children's parties (dismal); a weekend at Loretta's; MGM lions,-- Brando and Sinatra and Bogart and Elizabeth Taylor (who ""just didn't have much to say""); and finally her own marriage at 18 to Jon... Excerpts of this will have their initial showing in McCall's and it has its appeal-- calculably charming, calculatedly disarming. If youth speaks to youth? (For ""speaks"", read ""gossips"").

Pub Date: Oct. 22nd, 1963
Publisher: Stein & Day