CHANTERS CHASE by Jill Tattersall


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Chanters Chase is a murky wood somewhere in 1800 Suffolk, where lurks Foxglove Cottage, ancient home of the local ""sibyl"" or witch, who is determined, for reasons unknown, to marry her luscious niece Miranda off the one of the local Montagues of the manor. Will the lucky man be consumptive rake Aylmer or his richer and more interesting cousin Nathan? What ensues are a couple of murders, ordeals by fire and by water, disputed inheritances and hidden ancestries, forced marriages, poison, drowning, rape and assault--not to mention poaching--along with lots of crystal-gazing, Tarot reading, potions, and mutterings of ""There are powers. . . I dare not give them names."" All is thrown together more or less haphazardly. Double double toil and trouble, all as flimsy as a bubble.

Pub Date: Feb. 9th, 1977
Publisher: Morrow