LYONESSE ABBEY by Jill Tattersall


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Solitary seventeen-year-old Tessa is the exchange in a ""debt of honor"". . . she's married off to the odd, tormented young Dannon Tregaron and becomes mistress of Lyonesse Abbey, with its whispered mysteries. Dannon treats her like a child and refuses to consummate the marriage much to Tessa's increasing frustration. But there are a number of diversions-trapdoors and sarcophagi, secret entrances, hidden gardens, a weird hooded monk's figure spotted occasionally, a child's voice on the wind. And there's a roster of guarded servants and hints about the past--Dannon's mother's suicide, his father's hatred and a never seen older brother. The author obviously enjoys throwing in as many ingredients as possible into this Gothic potpourri and surprisingly enough it sets well. Mad monk-ey business that's fun.

Pub Date: Sept. 16th, 1968
Publisher: Morrow