NATHANIEL by Jim Amosky


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Nathaniel, a solitary North Woodsman with deer stalker and pipe, is the only element that is common to these five little numbers. In an unusual but awkward arrangement, two hand-lettered anecdotes-about chasing a bat and looking for a ""lucky pipe,"" respectively--fill the spaces between three wordless picture stories. In ""Gathering Wood,"" Nathaniel and his armful of wood gets gathered up by a bear; in ""The Diary"" he tries slamming, nailing, and gluing closed the volume whose printed contents escape letter by letter whenever it's shut; and in the weakest, ""The Orphan,"" he adopts a young nestling who grows too big to keep. Both the bear bit and the diary conceit are mildly clever (though the latter seems out of place in the woodsy setting), but if they are too slight to stand alone, the rest is nothing but stretcher.

Pub Date: March 15th, 1978
Publisher: Addison-Wesley