THE FOLKS IN THE VALLEY: A Pennsylvania Dutch ABC. by Jim Aylesworth

THE FOLKS IN THE VALLEY: A Pennsylvania Dutch ABC.

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From ""Alarm clocks ring;/It's almost dawn"" to ""Z's the sound/Of their well-earned rest;/They sleep in peace./Their lives are blessed,"" a daylong depiction of a picturesque way of life. Aylesworth tucks lots of typical activities into his neatly rhymed text; Vitale combines traditional stylizations with some mischievous touches--a cat pursues a mouse through a row of pickle jars, a quilter grimaces while threading her needle, a split panel shows an axman ""splitting"" oak (actually, he's chopping across the grain). Vitale's decorative panels are rectangular, softened by a broad arch at the top; colors are soft and rich, modulating from primitive primaries to more sophisticated earth tones. A beautifully designed book, effective both as an alphabet and as a lighthearted tribute to ""the folks.

Pub Date: April 30th, 1992
Page count: 32pp
Publisher: HarperCollins