PENNANT RACE by Jim Brosnan


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The large, literate and able relief pitcher of the Cincinnati Reds ball team has emerged again from the bull pen with a fine book on what is loosely known as the national pastime. Alternately known as Broz- or by his colleagues as Professor- Brosnan wrote The Long Season (reported 1960, p. 397), which was warmly received by aficionados and non-addicts alike. Now he purports to tell ""how and why they (the Reds) won the pennant"", a refreshingly improbable event which fascinated that legion of discerning citizens who spend each spring and summer wondering what the National League will come up with next. Since he is a pitcher, he insists that ""Pitching wins pennants"", and because he is an intelligent pro with an articulate Celtic style, he pretty well proves his case. How the Reds won is explained in copious dialogue, laced with salty Anglo-Saxon phrases, from bench, bullpen, field and wherever. In view of the author's contribution (10-4, ERA and 16 saves) the explanation may be considered modest. But Broz has made no real effort to explain why these rather unimpressive representatives took it all in '61. They simply had more skill, guts and luck when needed than the others, and no one made a respectable run at them. Though the team is not favored to succeed again, Mr. Brosnan is.

ISBN: 1566635497
Publisher: Harper