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In 1947, New York's American Museum of Natural History had its biggest news coverage from their dinosaur finds. This book tells the story behind the recovery of the rare skeletons. It is developed in three short but complete stages: the men who took part in the New Mexico expedition; the methods used to locate and transport the bones; the restoration and mounting of the exhibit. First the specialists, their qualifications and their particular duties are described. Next, the searching of the site, first recorded in the 1880's, but never mined, is explained. The information on the removal of the hollow, fragile Coelophysis bones is simple fascination. The whole procedure -- ingenious and at the same time commonsensical -- is revealed step-by-step from the selection of the areas to be removed to their layers of packing, which include underpinnings of tough tree limbs in the plaster as well as the finest rice paper. The restoration process is thoroughly discussed and the amount of time and thought brought to bear on the problems of properly, honestly displaying a dinosaur specimen will be a revelation for museum goers. Students reporting on paleontology will find reading pleasure here, in addition to sound information.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1965
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace & World