CHIP: The Dam Builder by Jim Kjelgaard
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CHIP: The Dam Builder

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A spell-binder of a book -- informative and compelling -- in a holding tale of wilderness wild life. When men destroyed the beaver colony in search for pelts, Chip, wise old veteran of the streams, escapes downstream and through the woods to find another stream and build another home, is reunited with his old mate and begins another colony. In the meantime there are enemies -- Wraith, the horned owls who hunted for the kits, Glare the lynx, Shuffle the bear and Ripple the Otter- and harmless visitors to the pool --Trim the deer and her fawn, King the trout, and other beavers building their own dams, starting new colonies. The beaver colonies affected the human life in the valley. It is Jed Hale who loves the valley and realizes the value of the beavers' work who protects the animals from intruding hunters. A gripping, exciting glimpse of the habits of wilderness life.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1950
Publisher: Holiday House