SWAMP CAT by Jim Kjelgaard
Kirkus Star


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Jim Kjelgaard has written another spell-binder. This time in a swampland mystery he communicates his empathy for small creatures in the story of little Frosty-a kitten as compelling as the animals immortalized by Ernest Seton Thompson. Abandoned in the swamp of Dog Tooth Valley by vicious ne'er-do-well, Luke Trull, Frosty helps his new master, young Andy Gates, as he plants colonies of muskrats in the swamp. A past master of suspense, the author leaves the reader tantalized for the sequence at each chapter's end. Frosty finds his own revenge and helps his good master when Luke Trull attempts to steal the muskrats. As good as the author's earlier Proud Antlers, A Nose for Trouble and Wildlife Cameraman, etc. A master storyteller at his best.

Pub Date: Sept. 3rd, 1957
Publisher: Dodd, Mead