OUTLAW RED by Jim Kjelgaard


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Sean, a setter of the Big Red lineage now so familiar to Mr. Kjelgaard's readers through his other books, Big Red and Irish Red, escapes to the Wintapi Range around his home. Shut off from the freedom he longs for because of his perfect specifications for showing, Sean can only dream of running loose and of being friends with the kennel boy, Billy Dash. Then one day in self defense, Billy kills his Uncle Hat who had come down from the neighboring hills to demand the boy's money. After Billy becomes a fugitive, Sean is lost from a truck, in transit to another kennel to be bred. The wanderings of the two- of Billy Dash and Sean- both separate and at the end together, make the right kind of reading for dog lovers who'll rejoice when Billy is cleared and Sean knows his true master.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1953
Publisher: Holiday House