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by Jim Miller

ISBN: 1-4120-3000-5

A handy guide to solid investment techniques.

Miller won't dazzle with his language or presentation, but he does present an easy-to-read, stripped-down guide to preparing for retirement. His approach is refreshingly straightforward, even colloquial–chapter titles include: “Why some of the oldest ideas about investing are still the very best guidelines”; “Retirement means the rest of your life: facing your real risks head-on and managing them”; “Yes Virginia, there are guaranteed investments: where to find the very best ones.” Drawing wisely upon his experience as a registered investment advisor, Miller is determined to help anyone retire with as much money as possible, a process that begins with a simple choice: commit to retiring with money, or not. In clear language, he lays out the good, the bad and the ugly of retirement investment strategies, shattering some popular myths about financial planning in the process. Miller also includes a “Spending Plan Worksheet” to aid in tracking income and expenses. This should be a real eye-opener, and hopefully, the beginning of the journey to “retire dollar smart.”

Miller's clear-minded, direct style is sure to jumpstart the organization and planning of many a financial portfolio.