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The author of this readable book is one of the fortunate few who have managed to make a living out of what they most want to do, even though this is not in the line of ordinary commercial enterprise. Major Thorne wanted to make a living out of adventure, and he has. With a friend he formed a company called Adventure, Inc. after the last war, and they began to sell their underwater photography to advertising agencies. They also made films in which Thorne was seen riding the back of a giant turtle or getting a lift from a shark. For these shots they worked in the clear waters of the Florida Keys, but the reputation Thorne had thus gained as a diving photographer eventually took him to the Antarctic under the of the United States Navy to test and photograph a device for keeping large areas of surface water free of ice. Unable to resist almost any offer of adventure, the author went on a survival test in the New Zealand bush while waiting for his icebreaker to Antarctica and found that experience more trying than all his encounters with sharks and baracudas in tropical waters. The reader becomes an enthusiastic armchair adventurer in spite of himself.

Publisher: Doubleday