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by J.M. Gregson

Pub Date: Dec. 1st, 2004
ISBN: 0-7278-6120-4
Publisher: Severn House

Det. Insp. John Lambert and Det. Sgt. Bert Hook ask which employee killed a universally popular boss.

The Camellia Park Golf Club has prospered over the past ten years. To celebrate, owner Patrick Nayland, books a restaurant for a party interrupted when catering manager Joanne Moss finds his body in a basement washroom. If Nayland wasn’t stabbed to death by his wife Liza or his stepdaughter Michelle, one of his workers must be the culprit. All of them insist he was the perfect boss, but each of them is also hiding something. Chief executive Chris Pearson wonders what’s going to happen to Nayland’s offer of a partnership now that he’s gone. Greenkeeper Handyman Barry Hooper hopes nobody will find out about his cocaine habit or the Rolex he just sold. Alan Fitch burns some clothing the morning after the party, and Joanne breathes a sigh of relief when her trash is picked up. Nor was the domestic scene quite as untroubled as Lambert and Hook (Mortal Taste, 2003, etc.) have been led to believe. Their method—repeated interviews in which each hard-won piece of new information is used as a wedge against the next suspect—is dogged and sometimes tedious, especially since neither lawmen nor suspects are any more interesting than they need to be.

Still, it’s hard to resist interrogations so suave that the killer, confronted at last, thinks: “This must be what counselling was like.”