BUREAUCRACY: A Challenge to Better Management by J.N. Juren

BUREAUCRACY: A Challenge to Better Management

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Distinctly controversial, this answer -- to some extent --to Sullivan's (P. 35), in that Juran claims that inefficiency is the fault of management rather than politics or stupidity, and that the cure should come home from within and that there is inherent value in the bureaucratic forms. Here is a record --in layman's terms -- of the wastefulness, duplication, red tape, costs, necessary checks and balances, human and technical aspects (all independent of political partisanship) that mark the lack of scientific management used in the business world. Here also is a solution, through modification and legislation, with tools of management engineering used to eliminate the special obstacles that infest Federal Bureaus, with the warning that the potential improvement would be enormous, intricate, work and time consuming. The author is the assistant administrator of the office of Lend-Lease Administration; the style is keyed to general public reading level and interest, with a humorous slant in illustrations of the idiosyncrasies of the system.

Pub Date: March 29th, 1944
Publisher: Harper