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by Jo Bannister

Pub Date: Sept. 10th, 1993
ISBN: 0-312-09750-6
Publisher: St. Martin's

A first appearance for Castlemere police sergeant Cal Donovan, who's convinced (1) that the hit-and-run that killed his partner was masterminded by underworld biggie Jack Carney, and (2) that there's a link between the murder of nurse Kerry Page and Carney. The dead woman's husband, a pilot, recently ferried the crook and his muscleman Terry to the track, and just may have heard something he shouldn't have—and gotten his wife killed to buy his silence. Inspector Liz Graham, new to Castlemere and now Donovan's superior, is not convinced, however, that there's a connection. Then a surgeon who used to work with Kerry is also murdered, and the anaesthetist, Dr. Saunders, the third member of the operating-room team, seems to be next in line. Still hassling Carney, Donovan is given the once-over by his goons, then reprimanded sharply by Liz, who's drawing closer to tying in the medical murders with a ghastly hospital mishap and coverup. Taut and suspenseful, but a cut below the author's best work (The Going Down of the Sun, 1989). The Donovan-Graham duo behave predictably (railing against machismo on her part, and against Brits and career lowlifes on his), but need more individuality and spark to find a loyal readership.