HIS AFFAIR by Jo Fleming


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Wallowing in [her] pain,"" ""Dear God let me die,"" this is an ongoing diary of His-Her relationship(s) along with dialogues, real and fantasy, phone calls in tears, letters which begin ""My dearest dear,"" discussions with therapists--also His and Hers--to the final ""perceptions sharpened some years later."" ""The trouble with marriage is that it is daily living. Maybe it can't ever sustain that first marvelous hungry loving."" Maybe it needs a Nina for Him and a Paul for Her to make her finally feel that ""I'm so full of love and loving."" After all, would she have ever really wanted ""to be a pet Pekingese"" (sic, at present), one that chewed up books like this?

Pub Date: Aug. 26th, 1976
Publisher: Evans