THE MYSTERIOUS CURE And Other Stories of Pshrinks Anonymous by J.O. Jeppson

THE MYSTERIOUS CURE And Other Stories of Pshrinks Anonymous

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The worlds of psychotherapy and science fiction meet with mildly entertaining results in these short stories by the writer/psychoanalyst-wife of writer Isaac Asimov. Like Asimov's Black Widow cases, these tales are told in conjunction with chow: the members of Pshrinks Anonymous meet for weekly luncheons, dining on such archly named dishes as ""Shrimp Sigmund."" Among the better items is ""A Million Shades of Green,"" about artist Mr. M.--who's touchingly plagued by an inner voice, probably Martian, demanding perfection in the painting of spring greens. Also modestly engaging: one member's tale of his charmingly dotty Aunt Efferna, who may or may not have visited the future in the throes of one of her prodigious hot flashes; and ""A Pestilence of Psychoanalysts,"" which explores the psyche of an out-of-town colleague propelled by an alien force to use a preponderance of words beginning with P--a problem prone to passing along. Cheerfully introduced by Mr. A: minor diversions for sf fans with a psychoanalytic interest.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1985
Publisher: Doubleday