MAGNIFICENT MILO by Joan Balfour Payne
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Way up on the top of a steep, steep alp lives Milo, the centaur. In a country of perpetual spring he knows nothing of men, for his friends consist of Harpies, Griffins, and Wyverns. But one day Milo falls off his alp to the dismay of the good people who find him. First he is bound by some curious hunters, next he is harnessed to a wagon by a blind farmer, and then he is sent to school where his teacher regards him as no more than a dazzling projection of his own academic imagination. Milo takes refuge in the circus and there, with some colleagues, he embarks on a balloon trip back to his alp, where spring is eternal and school masters fear to tamper. Illustrated by the author, this story manifests that name flair for whimsy which won her acclaim in her previous books.

Pub Date: Aug. 25th, 1958
Publisher: Hastings House