READY OR NOT: Here Come Fourteen Frightening Stories! by Joan--Ed. Kahn

READY OR NOT: Here Come Fourteen Frightening Stories!

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Another collection of macabre stories from the editor of Handle With Care (1985). ""His other father, the real one, was dead. The blood had run out of him in little rivers. . ."" These stories appeal (if that's the word) to a variety of sensibilities, though readers seeking irony or that quick little pinch will be better-served than fans of gore and monsters. This is not to say that Rendell's ""Vinegar Mother"" or Wilson's ""Please, No Strawberries"" (quoted above) won't cause the strongest stomachs to churn, or that Dahl and Bradbury don't come up with some positively hellish ideas about what constitutes play, but in general the tales are atmospheric or suggestive--even humorous in spots. In any case, they are all expertly done.

Pub Date: Aug. 17th, 1987
Page count: 159pp
Publisher: Greenwillow