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Smart Health Choices for Women After 35

by Joan Kenley with John C. Arpels

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1999
ISBN: 1-55704-354-X
Publisher: Newmarket Press

Part pep talk, part health update for women approaching middle age and menopause. Psychologist Kenley had her own “rough mid-forties transition,” complete with serious health crises, poor and insensitive medical care, and a feeling of being alone in her difficulties. So with gynecologist Arpels (a founding member of the North American Menopause Society) she tries here to cover the relevant ground so others will know what to expect. Kenley encourages readers to become “health-active.” “Senior life optimal wellness is uncharted,” she cautions, and we need to arm ourselves with knowledge. “KNOW it’stop the mystery. CHOOSE it—find your path. USE it—take action right away.” With the tone set, Kenley and Arpels make an overall survey of menopausal symptoms, such as memory lapses and sleep disturbances. They go into greater depth on hormonal therapy, hot flashes, incontinence, and sexual issues; and give an overview of strategies for avoiding heart disease and osteoporosis. “Identity, Habits and Weight” discusses grooming (especially skin problems), vitamins, stress, and weight concerns. A significant portion of this guide is given over to schedules and charts: when to have what screening test, the hows and whys of various alternative therapies, nutritional guides, and the like. The information here is fine as far as it goes; updates in this field are welcome. But the cheerleading approach will turn off some readers; others will wish for information more clearly organized for easier reference. (Author tour)