GO AWAY, DOG by Joan L. Nodset
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When the box marked ""Fragile"" is opened and a lively, exuberant dog races out, the small boy who is to be his owner greets the bundle with the resolute words, ""Go away, you bad old dog. Go away from me. I don't like you dog."" Undaunted, the tail-thumper follows the boy, who tries to get rid of dog by throwing sticks and playing. But dog is like glue, and in the end boy relents, and goes home overjoyed with his new companion. Crosby Bonsall, the fine illustrator of August Explains (1963, p. 355, J-121), here approaches the world of a child and a hairy white dog with refreshing humor. The result-illustrations which are bursting with warm vitality. Beginning readers will be enchanted by these drawings and by the text which has caught the tone and tempo of a child's speech. And, they may well say ""Out Spot, Dick and Jane"" in favor of the more alive boy and his furry pet. Easy reading books like this are a needed oasis in a comparatively dry, set area.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1963
ISBN: 0061721433
Publisher: Harper & Row