A HOUSE SO BIG by Joan Lexau


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When I grow up, I will build you a house so big. . ."" boasts cheery little tyke to pooped-out mother--and then proceeds to construct a dream world for himself (a zoo on the roof, a circus in the garden) which includes a few excursions (""to a mountain that has snow on it. . . when it is hot""; ""to a jungle. . . when it is cold""). Mostly this is simple acquisitiveness--""Every time the catalog comes, you can call them up and say, 'Send me everything. . .' ""--and the rub is that many children do have everything pictured at one time or another. Also ""big soft chairs and TV's in every room."" There's no longer much to wish for, in suburban homes at least, that comes in a catalog, which makes this a plaid rubber stamp.

Pub Date: Nov. 6th, 1968
Publisher: Harper & Row