THE RESETTLING by Joan Lingard


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Resourceful Maggie McKinley who took charge of her ailing Granny in The Clearance (1974) now has to shoulder the problems of her whole family--mother who's close to a nervous breakdown after being relocated into a new block of high rise flats; and Dad and Uncle Tam who, after being set up in their own plumbing business, prove to have no head for bookkeeping. Meanwhile she and James, the Fraser boy she met through Granny, try to keep up their studies and calm both families fears of an early marriage. Maggie is so busy that she has no time for self doubt (when the family tries to pressure her into leaving school to run the business, her refusal is a foregone conclusion). Yet the responsibilities imposed by her warm, but undemanding, working class family are so tough and substantial compared to the problems of privileged kids like James Jamison (see Madison, below) that one cheers on Maggie's determined efforts and her improbable successes.

Pub Date: Jan. 30th, 1975
Page count: 166pp
Publisher: Nelson