THE LIGHT MAZE by Joan North
Kirkus Star


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The rediscovery of the Lightstone, a relic of the 12th century hermit Saint Hugh, launches a series of transcendental journeys into a mystical labyrinth. Kit Elton, recovering from bouts with mononucleosis and unrequited love, arrives in the English countryside to spend a quiet winter and finds herself amidst a comfortably eccentric group of villagers and a matrix of supernatural influences. The husband of her hostess Sally Nancarrow disappeared two years before while writing a book about ""the odd ways people's minds could work"", and soon Kit, along with Harriet Nancarrow, her prescient young friend Barney, and the witchlike Esmeralda Melling, find their way into their own Wrinkle in Time -- landscaped by the duality between light and shadow. Each has an individual quest to confront the evil that comes from within himself and find the light at the center of the maze, but..meanwhile..the village is thrown into an eddyfying turmoil by the confluence of so much occult power. Joan North has once again alchemized the familiar elements of English fantasy into 24 carat gold -- The Light Maze is truly radiant.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1971
Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Giroux