MARBLEHEAD by Joan R. Thompson


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A moral tale disguised as historical romance. Even among Boston Brahmins in 1906, headstrong, beautiful Abigail Curtis will get herself into trouble if she doesn't take care--and she doesn't; in no time her father finds her in the garden, clutched by the neighborhood wayward youth with her clothes haft off. And so it's off to cousins in Marblehead, where swimming and wholesome company do worlds of good for Abby's character, and where she could find true love with her cousin Andrew if only they hadn't gotten off on the wrong foot by quarreling. Meanwhile, Mom and Pop Curtis have their own romantic problems. He has a passionate nature, and she has denied him her bed for fear of pregnancy; so he has begun to stray (with Andrew's mother, among others) and will continue to do so unless she learns about birth control. Moral and sexual uplift and the sea air can really put you to sleep.

Pub Date: Aug. 2nd, 1978
ISBN: 0595153933
Publisher: St. Martin's