HOW TO LIVE ON NOTHING by Joan Ranson Shortney


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A really extravagant collection of thrift-wise suggestions has been based on personal experience and a well-developed squirrel instinct put to practical use-- and there are an incalculable number of ways in which to use scraps, odds and ends, hand-me-downs (even 101 things normally thrown away- bottle caps- old tongue depressors, etc.) as well as the natural bounty of the earth. Eating cheaply will alert you to the possibility of wild greens (milkweed and thistles) as well as any number of inexpensive foods; clothing, from thrift shops to cheap fabrics; furniture and furnishings; housing- the best bargain an old one, but building or renting cheaply; appliances, plumbing, electricity, heat- and care and repair; gifts- homemade and home grown, vacations; health- there are many herb remedies for lesser ailments; social benefits; etc., etc. Resourceful enough- albeit with something of the appeal of a rummage sale.

Publisher: Doubleday