ANGEL OF THE NAVY: The Story of a Wave by Joan USNR Angel
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ANGEL OF THE NAVY: The Story of a Wave

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Lightsome experiences of one Wave, gay front for serious stuff as Joan Angel tells why and how she joined up, was indoctrinated at Cedar Falls, and lands in the Medical Corps as a Pharmacist's Mate. The humiliations of that ""physical"" exam -- the rigors of rules and regulations -- the elation over the Mainbocher get-up; medical training at the D.S. Naval Hospital at Bethesda, Md. and a certain young Lieutenant M.D.-Bill. Assignment to a base hospital in Philadelphia -- German measles and 6 days of isolation -- and a second germ, this book. Hill's sailing orders and a week-end to seal the sentimental and -- and some do's and don'ts for practical guidance, to like minded enlistees. Live illustrations brighten it right along, by Betty Utley St. John.

Pub Date: July 22nd, 1943
Publisher: Hastings House