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by JoAnn Ross

Pub Date: Aug. 6th, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-451-24000-2
Publisher: Signet

Former military DJ Mac Culhane has come to Shelter Bay to heal from physical and emotional wounds while raising his daughter. Meeting store owner Annie makes him believe that redefining family may be what they all need to find happiness.

Mac made a mess of his marriage, and after a deadly accident in Afghanistan makes him reassess his priorities, he decides to focus on family. Coming home, he is stunned when his wife leaves him and his daughter, and he decides to move to Shelter Bay, the halcyon coastal town where his stepfather and grandfather live. Settling in to a late-night job for the tiny local radio station is a grand step down from his military gig, but he is surprised to find contentment in so many aspects of his new life. When he meets Annie, a local scrapbook store owner, there is no question that the two share chemistry. She also loves his daughter and his grandfather, so he can’t figure out why she won’t admit she wants a forever package with the lot of them. As for Annie, she has a bit of healing to do herself and a few secrets that she knows should be deal breakers for Mac, but she’s far too cowardly to tell him the truth, since he and his family are all she’s ever wanted. Ross’ newest addition to the Shelter Cove series mixes powerful elements of loss and redemption with a tender love story that crackles with sexual tension. From the sweet fantasy of a phone relationship with a midnight DJ to the awkward fits and starts of a would-be affair and then romance between two authentically drawn characters, plus the engaging cast of secondary characters—including Mac’s family, Annie’s friends and some Shelter Cove “regulars” whom fans of the series will be happy to see—Ross has created a tale readers will care about, set in an idyllic town where many would love to live. 

Both sexy and touching, with the humor, heart and emotional depth romance fans expect from Ross.