A HORSE'S BODY by Joanna Cole


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The horse is an animal that is perfectly suited for running over fat grasslands,"" observes Cole on page one, and the remainder of this streamlined volume specifies how its body has evolved for that purpose. From the long foot, toe, and shin bones and the arrangement of spine and limbs, which allows the horse its long stride (and its long-distance superiority over the speedy cheetah), we move eventually to how the horse's heart, lungs, and sleek hide are also adapted to running, and how its digestive system (though different from a ruminant's) suits a grassy diet. Ending with a look at the horse's sex organs and then a nursing foal, this becomes a complete checkup, sharpened by its focus on ""the special body of an animal that was born to run.

Pub Date: April 8th, 1981
Publisher: Morrow