ISLAND SUMMER by Joanna; Illus. Birgitta Nordenskjold Oterdahl


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Annika and Tina, introduced in Tina and the Latchkey Child (1962, p. 1099, J-313) meet again when Annika (of, the latchkey) arrives to spend the summer with Tina. The children pick berries in the woods, where they meet Sten, a strange, crippled boy who is in Annika's class at school. The author shifts point of view several times: from Sten, who wonders about his real parents and wants a real home; to Annika, who accepts and understands Sten from the beginning; from Tina, who goes off by herself and gets lost; to Tina's mother, who has a secret affection for Sten. All are bound happily, too simply, together when Sten, the misfit, is adopted by Tina's parents. This sequel is weakened by an unwieldy plot. The book may disappoint those who enjoyed the previous title.

Pub Date: March 25th, 1964
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace & World